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Inle Myanmar

At Inle Myanmar, we take great pride in serving you authentic Myanmar cuisine lovingly prepared from treasured family recipes by our chefs from Myanmar.

We draw our inspiration from Inle, located in the Shan state of Myanmar. Inle Lake, with its floating homes, is a popular destination for Myanmar and tourists alike, and most of the lntha ('sons of the lake') are extraordinary 'one-legged fishermen', so called because of their unique method of rowing with one leg. When you dine at Inle Myanmar, you'll be rest assured of an original and authentic experience of Myanmar cuisine and genteel hospitality.

Delectable Myanmar Cuisine

The cuisine of Myanmar is heavily influenced by the respective cuisines of China, India, and Thailand. However, in spite of the many influences, Myanmar cuisine has unique preparation techniques and distinct flavours unlike any other. It is richer than Chinese but not as spicy as Thai or Indian.

The methods of food preparation vary depending on the region and ethnicity as the country itself is populated with multi-ethnic diversity.

In addition, the influx of Chinese and Indian immigrants in the past has also given birth to a unique flavour of sweet, sour and mildly spicy Myanmar cuisine.